Women and Girls Empowerment (WOGE project)

The WOGE project was a four year (2012-2015) joint project of the east African sub region support initiative for the advancement for women.


To contribute to poverty reduction by strengthening women`s and Girl`s voices for economic self-reliance. This includes fostering individual skills through training and establishment of resource centers, building collective strength through advocacy and civic education, and creating a more favorable business policy environment for women.


Women and girls developed the knowledge and skills to ably influence decisions on their economic reliance.

Effective and collective action at local level to improve economic self- reliance.

Women and girls utilized available information to improve their economic self-reliance.

Improved regulatory framework and business services for economic self- reliance.


The WOGE project was focusing on rural women between the ages of 16-55 years who were in the informal sector and are not in school or employment, and intend to equip more women and young girls with skills to influence decisions related to their economic self-reliance. The multi sector approach was designed to empower women and girls who have been marginalized from decision making and economic opportunities, and addresses several livelihood challenges faced by women and young girls.

These include access to information on the existing legislations and policies and the working environment.

On the individual level, women and girls would develop knowledge and confidence in life planning, with an emphasis on food security, property rights, water, employment, and trade. Resource centers will be set up in selected locations and awareness campaigns conducted to ensure that women access information they need to become economically self-reliant.